A new monotheistic religion worshipping the goddess Lacteria
Tamara Moyzes, Shlomi Yaffe

The catalog is in English, Hebrew, and Arabic

– 61 Pages
– 21 Photos
– 8 Black and White Photos
– 13 fool colored Photos

Texts by Nikola Ludlová, Lee He Shulov

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Opening: 23. 11. 2023
October 2023 – January 2024

Curator: Lee He Shulov

The exhibition “Lactism” revolves around the central concepts of human connection, sociality and interactions between man and the environment. The exhibition is part of an ongoing project by the artists Shlomi Yaffe and Tamara Moyzes that deals with social aspects of environmental quality and egalitarian social imagination, in which the concept of justice also applies to that which is not human. ׳Lactism is a new monotheistic religion that is a product of the imagination of the artists and at the same time serves as a model of human relations and social organization, and focuses on the connection between different women from around the world of which the mother goddess Lactaria is composed, and imagines the existence of a society free from gender differences, geopolitical, religious and cultural. The goddess Lactaria, feeds the community via an underground network called mycelium (the vegetative part of mushrooms consisting of roots).

Text by Nikola Ludlová

The exhibition was created in collaboration with the artists Jakub Rajnoch and Jan Mucska © 2046

Voice-over, audio recording, and editing: Sonja Vectomov
Performance’s music: Adriána Vančová
Mounting: Itamar Mevorah
Construction: Wael Knibi, Nasser Knibi
Catalog Design: Noa Segal
Text: Nikola Ludlová, Lee He Shulov
Arabic translation: Raji Bathish
Hebrew translation: Shirly Eran
English translation: J. Appleton
Installation photos: Pery Mendelboym
Production: Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem

Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem
Director: Lee He Shulov
Chief producer: Michal Mendelboym Programming and education
coordinator: Alexi Ben-Abba
Media coordinator: Marcelle Biton
Production: Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem

ISBN 978-965-7655-35-1
© Art Cube Artists’ Studios Jerusalem.

All rights reserved, 2023.

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