Art of Feminism: Images that Shaped the Fight for Equality, 1857-2017

Roma Kale Panthera Groupe: Tamara Moyzes and
Vera Duždová – Horváthová, 2014

Tamara Moyzes practices what she calls “artivism”—art with activist intent intersectional interventions—in which she collaborates with other individuals and groups. When the first-ever quintuplets were born to a woman in the Czech Republic, she experienced such extreme threats and actual abuse that she had to be given protection. The cause of this aggression was racism: she was Roma. It was said she was getting benefits that no “real Czech” woman would get. Moyzes, working with Vera Duždová as the Roma Kale Panthera Groupe, made a video, installation, and objects. The video showed a pregnant woman being gifted, in daytime-TV style, the “Prenatal Luxury Box,” containing six gifts that no Czech woman had received before: dog poop; threatening letters; safety-window films to protect against Molotov cocktails; a fire extinguisher; patrol officers and a police escort—all things that the Roma woman had received in actual life.

Art of Feminism: Images that Shaped the Fight for Equality, 1857-2017
Hardcover – October 23, 2018
by Lucinda Gosling (Author), Hilary Robinson (Author), Amy Tobin (Author), Helena Reckitt (Editor), Maria Balshaw (Preface), Xabier Arakistain (Foreword)

Feminist art and the fight for equality
Art and feminism: Once again, women are on the march. And since its inception in the 19th century, the women’s movement has harnessed the power of images to transmit messages of social change and equality to the world.

A comprehensive international survey of feminist art: From highlighting the posters of the Suffrage Atelier, through the radical art of Judy Chicago and Carrie Mae Weems, to the cutting-edge work of Sethembile Msezane and Andrea Bowers, The Art of Feminism traces the way feminists have shaped visual arts and media throughout history.

Feminism and art history: Featuring more than 350 works of art, illustration, photography, performance, and graphic design-along with essays examining the legacy of the radical canon-this rich volume showcases the vibrancy of the feminist aesthetic over the last 150 years.

Readers familiar with Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art and Made History, Women Art and Society and Women Artists will enjoy The Art of Feminism

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