Freedom of information

Tamara Moyzes & Shlomi Yaffe (2012)

The work reconsider the position of the “freedom of information” in the “free world” according to the recent developments with wikileaks and the possible extradition of julian Assage from the UK. In the work we will imitate a practice that share and distribute leaks information. We will hold the work / performance in malostrana namesti with 1500 printed balloons with leaks information, between the U.S embassy, The Swedish embassy and the British embassy, a location and a path which symbolize the path of possible extradition of julian Assage to the U.S.A symbol which determines whether is it possible nowadays to block the phenomena of leaks information by extermination of an accused individual. Our intesion is to: ask questions about the confrontation of the individual with the centers of power, and how the centers of power with the aid of the media’s practice, channel the attention from the leaks topics to other external topics as the personality of accused individual.

Shlomi Yaffe

Photos by: Václav Vašků & Mirek ŠestKá

The event was organized in the framework of art in public space roofed association public stand..