Pick Up the Law!

Video 5 min (2001), audio 6 min (2012)
Technical support: Roman Tangl

The transgender protagonist on the screen is repeated over and over a phrase “PICK UP THE PHONE”. The act of picking the phone emphasize what’s our certain ability to communicate and identify our reality with the majority society.
Phone highlights a certain threshold barrier towards sexual minorities. the act of lifting breaks passivity and communicate with virtual person on screen. The radiophonic and without emotion voice on the other side of the phone, appointed laws that related to citizens who committed sex change in the Czech Republic.

Documentary interview with Lucy Zechariah amending Act:
Law of specific Health Services, § 21, where it is stated that citizen who committed a sex change operation, the state would force him to give up his reproductive system and commite forced sterilization. This new treatment is effective from 1.4.2012.