Bianca Braselli and Benedictus XVI

Authors: Tamara Moyzes and Darina Alster Performance on the Papal meeting in Brno’s airport -Turany 27.9.2009

The meeting of BB with Benedict XVI responds to Ratzinger’s conservatism and hold a statement to the Church that needs to commit reforms.
For a long time I am interested in religion and queer topics. I deal with religion as such: Catholicism, Judaism, Islam. As a feminist, I lived two years with the Israeli queer scene, I participated in the “Gay Parade” in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Istanbul, Brno. None has taken place without the participation of religious fanatics. Their presence created a big conflict for religious gays, lesbians, transsexuals, etc.. It was essential to show that in the 21 century the term “queer” is far wider range of meanings than many of us can imagine. Bianca presents a religious queer community even though its sexual orientation doesn’t recognized by the religious institutes . That’s however doesn’t effect her religious faith.