ARTIVISM & ARTPOPULI public lecture in Trafó Gallery

ARTIVISM & ARTPOPULI public lecture by Tamara Moyzes



Place: Trafó Café
Time: 11th April 2014, Friday 6 pm.
The presentation will be in English. The program is free, all are welcome!

A presentation of Tamara Moyzes’ last projects (‘artivism’) related to activism and happenings. Moyzes will present her strategies concerning her actions in public space and her reaction to actual and social issues, related to the use of media as a tool for political art.

‘artpopuli’ is when Political Art and Activism are sharing the same methods.

‘Artpopuli’ is a story of ordinary citizens/people who decided not to stay passive but to break their society’s conventions. It is a case study project that Tamara Moyzes composed by researching those borders of Art and Activism (‘artivism’) in the field of contemporary art. The case study of her research were three ordinary people from different origins: England, Slovakia and Israel, where their personal engagement with the centres of power deliver them to adopt a performative practice, in order to attract the public attention, which in favour will break the public conventions and improve their quality of life. Their performative actions are familiar to Art practices such as performance, happening and body art, and similar to artistic actions of contemporary art today. The three characters are: Paul Yarrow, Viki Knafo and Alojz Hlina

Tamara Moyzes is the artist in residence at Gallery8 with the support of the Visegrad Artists Residency Program