“ARTpopuli by Tamara Moyzes at “Doc Tanc” – East Doc Platform 2014

Institute of Documentary Film


“ARTpopuli” is a case study project that researches the borders between Art and Activism (“Artivism”) in the field of Contemporary Art. The subjects of the case are three ordinary people from different origins: Paul Yarrow (England), Alojz Hlina (Slovakia) and Viki Knafo (Israel), where their personal engagement with the centres of power forces deliver them to adopt a performative practice, in order to attract the public attention, which will in return break the public conventions and deliver their statements. Their performative actions are familiar to Art practices such as “Performance”, “Happening” and “Body art”, and similar to artistic actions of Contemporary art as “Political Art”. The film will follow their former life in comparison to their life today, trying to raise the questions such as what triggered them to act and if their political and social actions changed their life? The background question of the film will be: could those practices be a part of the Political art exhibition. ARTPOPULI is a case study project that I created by researching the borders between Art and Activism (“Artivism”) in the field of contemporary art. The project is composed of 3 exhibitions in United Kingdom, Slovakia and Israel, (The countries of the main characters). I would like to raise different questions: Why the characters felt a need to response to their political and social situation? Does the public attention in the media changed their lives? Is there a place for their actions in an art exhibition?




Artpopuli_VIKI KNAFO7