PARTICIPATION is possible for anyone wishing to join online or in person. Please send your e-mail to PERPETUALMOBILE @ GMAIL.COM, so we can add you to our list and Loomio group. The OPEN CALL will remain open for the duration of the LAB!

Perpetuum Mobilε’s second PERPETUUM LAB intends to engage directly with its subject: “the social”. Moving on from the first LAB’s ( focus on texts and discourse, Perpetuum Lab II seeks to bring together real-world social issues with the arts in Helsinki. It intends to do this by literally curating ideas proposed by local artists, activists and other actors in the field. In responding to this OPEN CALL, you can submit your proposals for social art-processes, projects, interventions, socio-political actions in any genre or media.

In this context, “the social” is an intentionally widely-defined domain, ranging from a dance or chat over lunch, to social-problem issues, the welfare state or the so-called social media. You may also just submit your interest in participating – a crucial form of sociality.

Please indicate whether you wish to permit the LAB to publish and work with your ideas in an (closed or open) online forum. All participants will be able to comment, make suggestions and improvements using collective decision making tools.

The selection criteria for projects to be initiated collectively include the strength and relevance of the concept, realisability in the short time-frame of approximately one week, as well as its longer-term effects and impacts. A final selection will be made by the PERPETUUM LAB II Mentors, who will be instrumental in helping to realising the projects.

The mentors of PERPETUUM LAB II – CURATING THE SOCIAL are (in alphabetical order):

Federico Geller (Artist, Buenos Aires-Berlin),

Khaled Jarrar (Artist, Ramallah)

Matteo Lucchetti (Curator, Brussels)

Tamara Moyzes (Artist and Curator, Prague-Jerusalem)

Marita Muukkonen (Curator, Perpetuum Mobilε)

Ivor Stodolsky (Curator and Writer, Perpetuum Mobilε)

The mentors will arriving and leaving in the time-frame from the 29 November – 6 December (and some longer).

The events, actions, forms of representation and/or exhibitions and documentation of projects will be held in partnership with Kallio Kunstalle (, an artist-run space organised by Petri Saarikko (
and Sasha Huber ( The Kunsthalle is located in the premises of, and associated with, Helsingin Elokolo ( This is a long-standing local provider of social services for people recovering from forms of addiction, and which encourages “healthy lifestyles”. The workshops will also take place in the former Library of the Blind, which is associated to the Kunsthalle. HIAP’s project “On the Move – Political Strategies in Art” curated by Marita Muukkonen is a residency partner, as is the activist residency in Kallio.

Primarily funding for PERPETUUM LABS II comes from the Kone Foundation.

PERPETUUM LAB II – CURATING THE SOCIAL was introduced at an open seminar in late October with the class of Ray Langenbach at the Finnish Theatre Academy (TeaK), which was joined by Dorita Hannah (Performance Architect, Aalto University) and Esa Kirkapelto (TeaK), among others. Several proposals were already discussed.

Please send all proposals to: by the 22 OF NOVEMBER to be included in the first reading by the mentors. Further ideas will develop in the workshops. The OPEN CALL will remain open for the duration of the LAB!

PARTICIPATION is possible for anyone wishing to join in the events. Please send us your e-mail, so we can add you to our list and Loomio group.

We are testing a new collective decision-making tool, and will invite you to join our group.