Superwomen – Czech and Slovakian Roma Woman Artists and Talents

Vera Duzdova, Lada Gaziova, Zuzana Hruskova, Tamara Moyzes, and the Daily Dzessika Magazin

The exhibition presents Czech and Slovakian woman artists whose artistic carriers demonstrate the operation of structural oppression towards the Roma, they offer models for revolting against this oppression, and how to reject the majority’s dominance in order to construct new Roma woman identities. The exhibited works and the Daily Dzessika Magazin focus on the question of visibility, and how women artists can rewrite or modify the mainstream discourse once they arrive in the position of visibility.

The works that operate with the power of humor are not simply spontaneous games, or theatric self-exhibitions, but ritual performances, which are formed under the pressure and influence of oppression, deploying the power of taboo, and fleeing from the horror of exclusion. They use the subversive power of parody, the way Judith Butler suggests: „They reject and change the laws, in order to use them against those, who created them”.

Curator: Timea Junghaus

Gallery8, Mátyás tér 13, H -1084 Budapest