Artivism / Panel – Art and Activism / 11.11.12, 7PM


A panel of artists-activists discussing the merging strategies of contemporary art and political action. The panel will present two international art groups: GROUP ETCETERA… (from Argentina and Chile) and FEMEN (from Ukraine).

The groups will discuss their artistic practices, which relate to the complex political and social climate in their home countries. Their unique strategies could provide a set of tools through which one can consider the political and social conditions in Israel and the artistic strategies that can respond to it.

Federico Zukerfeld & Loreto Garín Guzmán, co-founders of GROUP ETCETERA…, Share the intention of bringing art to the site of immediate social conflict – the streets – and of bringing this conflict into arenas of cultural production.

Inna Shevchenko, from FEMEN, will join via a live skype conversation. Femen are known for their new interpretation of modern feminism. They use the naked body as an active instrument in confronting institutions of patriarchy.

The conference will be moderated by Tamara Moyzes (from the Czech Republic); a political artist, curator and a filmmaker.

Yaffo 23, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Designe, Jerusalem